Tesco debuts vegan sausage rolls

Tesco debuts vegan sausage rolls

Tesco has officially debuted ready-to-eat vegan sausage rolls — which, frankly, isn’t much of a surprise after the massive success of those from quick-service chain Greggs.

Selling out left, right and center, it seemed Greggs’ vegan version of the savory pastry so loved by Brits was a success with just about everyone except for TV host Piers Morgan, who pretended to throw one up on daytime TV in a stellar show of adulthood. In fact, Greggs credited the new product for a significant increase in sales.

Apparently this is a (rectangular, handheld) pie Tesco is keen to get a piece of. Stuffed with faux meat, this flaky treat is retailing for just 79p ($1.02) versus Greggs’ price of £1 ($1.29), and is now available at a number of Tesco in-store bakeries.

As a ready-to-go option, it serves as the perfect thing for you to grab on your way to catch the Tube, so you can get crumbs all over your seat mate and awkwardly pretend it didn’t happen. Don’t worry about it. We’ve all been there.

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