McDonald’s Germany to serve vegan burger from next week

McDonald’s Germany to serve vegan burger from next week

Yeah, you read that right, folks. McDonald’s will soon be offering a vegan burger in Germany, according to a local media outlet. For those of us who’ve managed to retain the capacity for shock, this should be a big one.

Dubbed the Big Vegan TS, the burger is topped with classic condiments like mustard, ketchup, tomatoes and onions, and will be sandwiched between that soft, white bun so many of us not-so-secretly relished in as crust-fearing children.

The patty is made by meat-alternative brand Garden Gourmet which, similarly to Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, designed its patties to closely resemble meat made from animals. That said, there’s nothing freaky going on here recipe-wise. Ingredients include wheat, soy, spices and veggies.

Each patty also happens to contain 17 grams of protein, so you can go ahead and count this as another place where those mythically malnourished vegans can find it — as of Monday, that is. They’ll have to try to stay alive until then. Anyone who’s really desperate, though, can head on over to Sweden or Finland, where the famed McVegan, pictured above, is already up for grabs at McDonald’s restaurants.

For those who can take the wait, however, the cost of survival in Germany will be €3.70.

Header image: CHALERMPHON SRISANG/ Gourmet/Living Vegan Body image: Facebook

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