Animal Planet to screen series about farmanimal sanctuary

Animal Planet to screen series about farm-animal sanctuary

Dan McKernan, the founder of Barn Sanctuary, took to Instagram yesterday to announce that his very own safe haven for animals would be the subject of a new TV series from Animal Planet.

Yeah, Animal Planet.

“I have some very exciting news for you,” he told his followers, while sat on the ground, cuddling a goat and a cow in the video.

“Animal Planet decided to do 12 one-hour-long episodes documenting what we’re doing here at the sanctuary and showing farm animals in a different light.”

As usual, Dan’s sunny, positive disposition is hard to miss. He appears in his bliss with his animal friends — but, as he tells it, he hasn’t always felt so fulfilled.

Coming from a career in web development, Dan reached a crossroads where he realized that, put simply, he “needed to do something new”. So, in what is clearly the logical progression of things, this remarkable dude converted his family’s 14-year-old farm in Chelsea, Michigan, into an animal sanctuary, and traded his high-paying job for a more enriching life.

Before long, he and his animals were stealing the hearts of social-media users the world over. Now, he’s thanking those very people for their support in helping him arrive to where he is today.

“We couldn’t have done any of this without the millions of people that have shared our content and viewed our videos — to see how amazing you guys are,” he said, with the last bit aimed at his furry friends.

Those interested in watching the show can sign up for email updates here. Neither Dan nor the animals comes with them, though, so don’t get your hopes up.

Header and body images: Instagram

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