New vegan bakery to open in LA

New vegan bakery to open in LA

A new vegan bakery is set to open in — wait for it — Los Angeles. No surprises there (and not just because it’s in the headline).

Dubbed Just What I Kneaded, the new bakery will offer items such as cakes, breads, cookies and squares, all of which are entirely free of animal products. Yes, Brenda, you can make bread without eggs. In fact, most traditional bread recipes don’t even call for them.

The new spot is the passion product of chef Justine T Hernandez, who drew from community support in the transition from catering to a store-front set up.

Having organized a crowd-funding project and a brunch for the added boost she needed, Justine was overwhelmed by the generosity of contributors, who invested more than $30,000 in the business upgrade, money which will go to items like sinks and coffee cups, according to Justine. Proper thing. Ain’t nobody trying to drink coffee out of their hands.

“It’s unbelievable the generosity and energy that was behind this campaign,” she wrote, on Instagram.

“I am so grateful and love you guys to the moon and back!”

Perhaps the vegan community isn’t so scary after all.

Renos of the new spot, found in LA’s Frogtown neighborhood, are well underway, with the bakery expected to open later this spring.

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