Kiernan Shipka shares hilarious provegan text sent by her mom

Kiernan Shipka shares hilarious pro-vegan text sent by her mom

Kiernan Shipka — the star of the hit Netflix series — has shared a hilarious pro-vegan text sent to her by her mom.

As part of a Mother’s Day segment for popular TV show Kiernan was one of many stars to read texts from their mothers.

“Jared Leto is 47,” Kiernan’s chosen text read.

“I’m going vegan.”

Well if that doesn’t get vegans, or Jared Leto fans, excited enough, Kiernan’s commentary just might.

She added: “I mean… I’ll go vegan with you mom. I love Jared Leto too.”

Alright, so perhaps Leto has been our secret weapon all along?

While Kiernan is not currently vegan, she has posted about vegan food on more than one occasion.

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