McDonald’s offering free veganfriendly wraps in the UK

McDonald’s offering free vegan-friendly wraps in the UK

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is giving away free, easy-to-veganize wraps in the UK this week.

Dubbed The Spicy Veggie One, the wrap is filled with deep fried plant-based goujons, red onions, spicy relish, tomato and lettuce — and is entirely vegan when you hold the mayo. It’s still McDonald’s, though, folks, so do get ready to break that whole-foods-plant-based diet you won’t stop posting to Instagram about.

In order to take advantage of the free offer, consumers will need to download the McDonald’s phone app and head to a participating location 10.30am to place their order. The app also lists the nearest participating locations.

The promotion will run until Friday, May 17. You can also grab The Spicy Veggie One every Monday for £1.99, or any other day of the week for £2.99.

Header image: McDonald’s/Living Vegan Body image: Instagram

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