Tim Hortons is testing two Beyond Meat breakfasts

Tim Hortons is testing two Beyond Meat breakfasts

Canadian quick-service giant Tim Hortons has launched a test run of two breakfast items featuring Beyond Meat vegan sausage.

Yeah, you heard that right, bud. With the Beyond Meat Sandwich and Beyond Meat Breakfast Wrap, Timmy Hos is well on its way to grabbing a slice of the meat-free pie — so say goodbye to that tourtière and hold onto your trucker hats.

While the items being trialed are vegetarian, not vegan, Tim Hortons says that a successful trial will lead to the launch of a vegan breakfast sandwich with sausage and tomato on a biscuit, baked separately to avoid cross-contamination. That last bit should put the concerns of the particularly precious among us to rest.

While the trial currently applies only to 60 restaurants in Toronto (or “the six”, as the cool kids are calling it), Tim Hortons has stated that, if successful, the new offerings will go nationwide by summer’s end, in a move which company COO Mike Hancock says will give the brand unprecedented reach.

“We’re going to be able to bring this type of product to more guests than even our competitors are,” he told .

“We’ve got 4,000 restaurants. We’ve got restaurants in some of the most rural parts of the country. There’s folks who want these kinds of alternative protein… but don’t currently necessarily have access to it.”

That said, meat-free options are becoming increasingly popular nationwide. While A&W broke ground with releases of veganizable breakfast sandwiches and burgers this year and last, Canadian vegan fast-food chain Copper Branch is steadily expanding, and seems well on its way to going global in the coming years.

Looks like times are a changin’, b’ys.

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