Blue Diamond debuts range of Almond Breeze vegan yogurts

Blue Diamond debuts range of Almond Breeze vegan yogurts

Blue Diamond, the company behind the popular dairy alternative range Almond Breeze, has debuted a line of vegan yogurt alternatives.

The release is reportedly — and not totally surprisingly — the result of popular demand. Honestly, with chains like Tim Hortons, A&W, and McDonald’s hearing the vegan call, surely we’ve all come to grips with the rise of the plant-based movement by now.

“Consumers are seeking more delicious plant-based foods,” saidBlue Diamond’s director of brand marketing, Suzanne Hagener.

“We believe our yogurt, made from Almond Breeze almond milk, is the perfect way to satisfy the need for tasty plant-based options.”

That’s right, folks. Looks like this whole vegan thing is no shutter-shades, flash-in-the-pan ordeal. (Sorry, Kanye.)

The new product comes in both original and vanilla flavors, in multi-serve, 24-ounce containers, and single-serve tubs that come with a variety of  crunchy toppings. The topping options include Toasted Almonds, Chocolate Almonds & Chocolate Chips, Coconut Almonds & Chocolate Chips, Blueberry Almonds & Oat Clusters, Sea Salt Caramel & Pretzel, and a non-vegan flavor we’ve conveniently forgotten to mention.

Sorry! Feel free to envision the shrugging person emoji here.

Those looking to reduce their plastic waste by making their own vegan yogurt can find a recipe here. 

Header and body images: Blue Diamond/Living Vegan

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