Alicia Silverstone shares veganfriendly spots she visits in NYC

Alicia Silverstone shares vegan-friendly spots she visits in NYC

Actor and animal activist Alicia Silverstone has taken to Instagram to share some of the vegan-friendly spots she visits in New York City.

The star, who is best-known for her role in cult classic and usually resides in (drumroll, please) California, is keeping fans up-to-date on her and son Bear’s East Coast trip, food and all.

The first restaurant featured in her stories is Perry St NYC, a high-end West Village spot located on (you guessed it) Perry Street. That said, the restaurant is a known haunt for high rollers, like Nicole Kidman and Alicia herself, and may only accommodate the vegan requests of people with massive net worth. You’ve been warned.

The second restaurant, which Alicia called “Bear’s new fave spot in NYC”, is a Korean restaurant called Hangawi, offering a wide variety of plant-based adaptations of traditional Korean dishes, at prices you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford.

The star also brought her son to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, a scratch-made, vegan-friendly frozen dessert spot in Brooklyn, which offers a number of innovative, creamy, dairy-free flavors.

So, there you have it — the New York City pit spots of a member of the elite, and at least two of them are relatively affordable. They will not, however, turn you into a super famous millionaire. That sounds like a you job.

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