Dr Michael Greger reveals cover and title of new book

Dr Michael Greger reveals cover and title of new book

Plant-based nutrition expert, Dr Michael Greger has revealed the cover and title of his new book, and we’re totally here for it.

Calledthe upcoming release not only represents a philosophy most of us can probably get behind (because dieting is about as much fun as a root canal) but is a clever play on the title of his previous release, Maybe you’ve heard of it.

A Twitter post announcing the new release includes a photo of the new book, firm in the hands of a beaming, if out-of-focus, Dr Greger. The guy’s hard not to like.

“I am thrilled to announce that my next book is finally being finalized and is set to be published this December,” the Tweet reads.

His sunny disposition and the catchy title aside, Dr Greger’s made some hefty claims about the content of the hotly anticipated weight-management book, which he says is the culmination of the “single largest research project” he’s ever taken on — and the man’s no stranger to intensive research.

You know that one friend you have that always tells you plants don’t have protein because they saw it in a meme once? Yeah, he’s the opposite of that.

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