UK to host Vegan Kids Festival this summer

UK to host Vegan Kids Festival this summer

As one of a handful of global vegan epicentres, the UK is set to host its first-ever Vegan Kids Festival this summer.

Gone are the days of smiling and nodding while Pam tells you plant-based diets are unhealthy for children, as her kid Tony scarfs down chips and a hot dog not three feet away. Here are the days of fully vegan festivals tailored specifically to your plant-loving, or plant-curious, offspring.

According to the festival webpage, the event will offer food vendors, camping, wellness activities, live music, cookery classes, and a place to make new friends. We’re basically all wishing to go full Benjamin Button at this point.

That said, this isn’t , and the event is for the whole family. While single tickets start at £20, family passes start at £45, with an additional fee applicable for those looking to camp.

Seems like a small price to pay to get away from Pam for a while, honestly.

The event runs from August 10 to 11 in Gloucestershire. Full details are available here.

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