This vegan footwear brand promises dry feet with waterready shoes

This vegan footwear brand promises dry feet with water-ready shoes

A new vegan footwear brand, named Vessi, is promising dry feet, with a range of water-ready shoes.

According to the company webpage, it offers “the world’s first waterproof knit shoes”.

Perhaps that’s why they’re so popular that even pre-orders are about to be put on hold — or maybe it’s the marketing.

While adverts depict stylish millennials frolicking in puddles and strolling through the snow, it is our understanding that it’s okay for real people wear them, too. Perhaps you’re more likely to be waiting for the bus in the rain, or stuck in a swamp on a hike because you’re just not that outdoorsy. Whatever. The brand says that the shoes are made be taken everywhere. So what if everywhere is between your house and the bar on a rainy Tuesday afternoon?

The range features three main designs for men and women, all of which come in a variety of colors, including millennial pink — of course, because at $135 a pop on sale, we know it’s not teens who are buying these shoes. Actually, who knows? Twelve-year-olds have iPhones now, so we may be underestimating their spending power.

In addition to being waterproof and vegan, the shoes are made to be lightweight and breathable, not a bad deal when ya’ll know our emotional baggage is heavy enough. Right?

Anyway, those interested, spiritually enlightened or otherwise, can find them here.

We should note, though, that while the shoes are designed in Vancouver, they are made in Taiwan. Living Vegan has reached out to Vessi for full details on manufacturing practices, but has not yet received a response.

Those looking to explore other vegan footwear options can do so here.

Header and body images: Vessi Footwear


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