UK vending machines to offer full vegan meals

UK vending machines to offer full vegan meals

A trial of in-office vegan meal vending machines has begun in — you guessed it — London.

Yes, really. Select London professionals will be able to say goodbye to keyboards full of corn chip and cracker crumbs, and hello to the mess of full, tasty, plant-based meals.

The vending machines, technically known as “office freezers”, are a side project of vegan meal delivery company Allplants. The London-based brand offers dishes such as Teriyaki Udon, Fiery Jerk Jackfruit, and Sweet & Sour Tofu, all of which are designed to be good for you, and free of dairy, meat and eggs.

With the office freezers, prospective diners can choose between nine of the brand’s best-loved meals, all of which are priced at £6.75.

While the concept is only being trialed at co-working space Huckletree West at this time, Allplants is seeking new places to trial the concept. So, if you’re in the London area, you can get in touch with them on Instagram.

If you aren’t, our deepest condolences.

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