Alicia Silverstone shares the scoop on her ecofriendly kitchen

Alicia Silverstone shares the scoop on her eco-friendly kitchen

Actor and animal advocate Alicia Silverstone is letting people into her kitchen again, so get pumped.

Okay, maybe this is something only vegans and enthusiastic waste-reducers get excited for — but count us in. Any a-list star who uses a mason jar as a travel mug is fine by us, honestly.

In a tour shared on theYouTube channel, a not-so-Aliciatakes viewers through her fridge and cupboards, sharing food tips and zero-waste hacks along the way.

Among the prepared snacks in her fridge are seared tofu, tacos, and raw balls made with dates, nuts and carob. She also whips up a caramel alternative, and brown-rice mochi waffles during the segment. It’s unclear whether she’s accepting applications for adoption at this time.

Inside the star’s cupboards are whole grains, beans, herbs and spices — a number of which are purchased in bulk and stored in repurposed containers to save on waste. She also has a few kitchen drawers stuffed with cloth hand and kitchen towels, and maintains that you’ll never find a paper towel or napkin in her home.

At the end of the day, Alicia is not a woman who minces words when it comes to the motive for her reduced-impact lifestyle.

“This way of eating and living has rocked my world personally,” she said, in the video.

“But it’s also the kindest thing we can do to our planet Earth.”

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