Sainsbury’s plantbased food sales spike 65% in a single year

Sainsbury’s plant-based food sales spike 65% in a single year

UK grocery chain Sainsbury’s has reported a 65 per cent spike in sales of plant-based products year-on-year.

In itsreport, the chain credits the shift in buying habits not only to vegans, but to those leading vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles, the latter of which are estimated to make up 20 per cent of Brits right now. Looks like times are a-changing, and Sainsbury’s is predicting continued growth.

In the report, it’s estimated that, by the year 2025, 50 per cent of Brits will be flexitarian, while a further 25 per cent will be vegans and vegetarians.

Britain is already a veritable vegan utopia. Imagine what it might look like six years from now. Anyone else seeing vegan donuts on every corner and a chain of Gaz-Oakley-branded diners smattered across the UK? Oh, and we should probably imagine a few extra juice bars while we’re at it.

It’s all about balance, right?

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