The first vegan fried chicken store to open in the U.S this month

The first vegan fried chicken store to open in the U.S this month

On November 22nd, a vegan food company called Eat Love will open it’s doors in Orange County, California. Eat Love previously operated as a catering company, food truck at various fairs and markets and as pop up shop but are now finally going to open its brick-and-mortar storefront. They have even began shipping their famous vegan chicken nationwide since August.

The company was created with hopes of spreading love and healing. In 2015, Torres and husband Enrique together weighed a total of 610 pounds and Enrique had just been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes when they decided to make a change, went plant-based and never looked backed. Enrique reversed his diabetes diagnosis with a plant-based diet and Lynn lost 153 pounds and found a passion for yoga.

Eating vegan food helped the couple find a healthier lifestyle and now, Eat Love “want to share their experience with delicious food that heals people and respects animals.”

says Eat Love.

The menu will include seitan-based fried chicken served as bucket meals or in the form of sandwiches. The store will also sell desserts including chocolate dipped ice-cream sandwiches, cookies and fudge brownies and other delicious foods like coleslaw & macaroni cheese.

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