Ireland opens its first all vegan grocery store

Ireland opens its first all vegan grocery store

Great news for Irish shoppers- Veganic recently opened it’s doors in Dublin city which is 100% organic and plant-based. The store sells a range of different products such as locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, baby-care products organic plant based drinks and meat and dairy alternatives. There is an organic food cupboard that includes sauces, oils, pasta, tofu, cleaning products, pet foods, biscuits, snacks, chocolate bars, jellies and crisps.

Zero waste dispensers are used and customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to cut down on the use of plastics, but have the option of paper bags.

As their website states, Veganic is a mixed group of people including vegans, flexatarians, zero waste practitioners and omnivores working to reduce their meat consumption. They encourage people from all walks of life who want to look after their health and the environment to shop at their store.


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