Dr Greger highlights Dietary Guidelines Committee 2020

Dr Greger highlights- Dietary Guidelines Committee 2020

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee gives experts an opportunity to attend and speak to share current scientific evidence in nutrition. Those who attend include nutrition and medical researchers, practitioners and academics. The nutrition guidelines are reviewed and updated every few years.

One of the most prominent doctors in the plant-based movement Dr Michael Greger (founder of nutrition facts.org) spoke at the 2nd hearing this year with his main focus being on processed meats. He highlighted how processed meat consumption has not reduced in the past 20 years even though they are known carcinogens- these include bacon, ham, hot dogs, lunchmeat, pepperoni and sausage. As Dr Greger highlights in his speech “the official 2018 IRAC report couldn’t have been clearer, consumption of processed meat causes cancer of the colorectum.”

He mentions The Global Burden of Disease Study (the largest study of disease risk factors in history) found the number one cause of death in the United States was the American Diet.

He compares smoking with processed meats and states “if we try not to smoke around our kids why would we send them to school with a baloney sandwich?’. Living with a smoker increases your risk of cancer by 15%, so the cancer risk of secondhand smoke is comparable to the 16-18% increased risk of colorectal cancer by eating the equivalent of a single sausage link a day.”

He goes on to say:

“We cannot allow the billion dollar meat industry to continue to subvert the science when so many million lives are at stake”

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