Oprah urges fans to eat one plantbased meal a day

Oprah urges fans to eat one plant-based meal a day

Oprah has urged her fans to ditch animal products once a day and replace it with a plant-based meal to help save our planet following her interview with environmentalist Suzy Amis Cameron on Super Soul Sunday. Amis claims that just one person swapping out one animal based meal for a plant-based meal each day can make a difference and “saves 200,000 gallons of water and the carbon equivalent of driving from Los Angelas to New York”.

She tweeted to her 42.6 million followers: “This is something we can all do. Wanna join me ? Since reading The OMD Plan by @suzymusing I’ve taken up her challenge to eat at least 1 plant-based meal a day.”

Oprah has a history of advocating people to eat more plants and less animals. In 2016, she urged her 33.5 million followers to try Meatless Mondays and has tried plant-based eating in the past herself.

With her reach to so many people, it is a positive step in the right direction! Do you think it will encourage people to make a small change?

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