Dublin City ranks number 1 for vegan options

Dublin City ranks number 1 for vegan options

Though this may surprise many, Dublin city has been declared the capital of vegan cuisine for 2019. So it looks like its a good time to be vegan in Dublin! This result was based on a recent survey by Hayes and Jarvis, based on Tripadvisor data of the 50 most visited cities in the world. Dublin topped the list, with 21.2% of its restaurants classified as either vegan or offering plant-based options. Dublin is closely followed by Phuket in Thailand and then Amsterdam in The Netherlands. London takes the 4th spot, followed by Venice in Italy.

It is important to take into account though that restaurants can describe their own cuisine on TripAdvisor so they can designate themselves as vegan-friendly, even though they may not be or the options may be poor. A well known business called The Happy Pear really started off vegan cuisine in Ireland almost 20 years ago and they are now a known globally. They even have a restaurant at the international airport at Dublin. Whatever way you want to take these results, its definitely a great sign that Ireland is becoming a more vegan friendly country.

To view the full analysis and tables from Hayes & Jarvis, see www.hayesandjarvis.co.uk/cuisine-hotspots



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