Marks and Spencer debuts vegan dessert pots

Marks and Spencer debuts vegan dessert pots

UK luxury grocer Marks and Spencer has debuted two varieties of vegan dessert pots.

Part of the chain’s Plant Kitchen range, the coconut-based pots come in Chocolate Mousse, and Mango, Passion Fruit, and Coconut flavors, for those of us who’d choose fruit over chocolate (whoever you are).

Individual pots are priced at £1.75, or you can purchase a six-pack of mini pots online for £7, as if you’re going to eat just one.

A Facebook post announcing the new release read: “You asked and we delivered: we’re making M&S Plant Kitchen even sweeter with our £1.75 vegan dessert pots.”

Well, ya’ll better get on over to the brand’s page and ask for something else.

While the announcement was relatively well received, a number of commenters pointed out that the new release is a plastic-heavy product — so, here’s a recipe for vegan chocolate mousse you can make at home. Forget about that fruit nonsense.

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