Sally’s CerealsChai Spiced Multigrain Hot Cereal

Product Attributes

  1. Organic
  2. A mixture of whole grain oats, flax seed, whole grain barley, quinoa, whole grain rye, and whole grain wheat
  3. Sweetened with sugar – no artificial sweeteners
  4. Easy to read and simple ingredients list – no funny ingredients
  5. 6 other flavours – Apples & Cinnamon, Cinnamon Plum, Dark Chocolate, Maple & Brown Sugar, Pomegranate, and Plain Grain
  6. Each package can be used as a measuring cup for 2/3 cup water
  7. Sally’s Cereal supports sustainable energy by buying wind energy credits to offset the use of electricity used for the making their cereals

Flavour & Texture

The array of whole grains and the flax seed make this cereal’s texture hearty and a little bit chewy. The chai flavour is lovely! While I personally found it to be  a little bit strong, this was easily fixed by adding 2 tbsp of regular large flake oats and upping the water to 3/4 of a cup. Even with the flavour slightly diluted, I found that the sweetness level was perfect.


Per 1 pouch (42g)

  1. 160 calories
  2. 2.5g of fat
  3. 3g of fibre
  4. 4 g of protein
  5. 8g of sugar
  6. 10% of your RDI of iron

Overall Impression

These are pretty good! There’s a good variety of flavours with a nice mix of traditional and more unique flavours. The measuring cup idea is cute, but since I like to make my oatmeal prepared on a stovetop, I didn’t find it particularly useful. I’m sure the pouch would come in handy for microwave oatmeal though! The serving size is a little small, and it’s good for a light breakfast or snack. You can also make them into more of a meal by topping it with fruit and nuts, or by having something else on the side. At $1.67 for 5 pouches (33 ¢/pouch)  it’s also quite affordable. If you like oatmeal or other hot cereals than I’d definitely give them a try!

Where To Buy

I’ve come across Sally’s Cereals at Superstore and Wal-Mart. To check to see which stores sell Sally’s Cereals products in your area, use their store finder here.

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