On the Blog: November

Happy November! I love how the beginning of each month feels like you’ve got a clean slate to try to improve and do a little better than last month.

We’re hoping to do just that with I Love Vegan! Since we made 6 blog posts last month, this month we’re aiming to post 7. We’d also like to increase our posting frequency by only allowing a maximum of 4 days in between posts. We’ve got a great head start to this month already so here’s hoping we can keep that momentum going!

I’ve got high hopes that November is going to be a quieter month for us overall. My plan is to translate that into more time spent blogging. Yay! More recipe testing, writing, and connecting with you guys! 😀 So let’s look back at last month and see what we got done!

What we did in October:

This October we posted 6 blog posts:

    We participated in the #CoolerWithAlmondBreeze campaign with Food Bloggers of Canada – As part of a campaign to promote Almond Breeze’s new refrigerated almond milks we were asked to do a mini review + 2 recipes. We made a thick and creamyand a quick and easy . This was especially fun because it reminded me how much I love this product! I’d been drinking more soy milk as of late so it was nice to sort of “rediscover” Almond Breeze. I love how nutty their milks taste plain but how mild they are when used as an ingredient.

    Experimented with food photography + new lens – I really enjoyed improving my photography skills this month! I find my new lens (a← affiliate link) much easier to use than the kit lens I’d been using. Now that I’m a little more comfortable with my DSLR it’s been fun trying out new things.

    I tried out some new backdrops (which I am so in love with and I’m going to have to fight the urge to use them constantly.) I played around with 2 new wood backgrounds, the first are these light funky-grained boards. This picture doesn’t quite show it off but there’s a lot of pink, orange, brown, and grey tones in the grain that I just love.

    The second are these darker, gnarlier 2×4’s that I stained and painted with an experimental mix of kitchen ingredients. I started with 1 application of strong coffee + grounds. That wasn’t dark enough so I added some vanilla extract, black tea, a lot of cocoa, and coconut oil. I had to really massage it in (holy arm workout), left it on for about 20 minutes, and then rubbed off the excess with a dry towel. I’m really happy with the warm, reddish tone thanks to the cocoa. They also smell amazing. Next I’d love to get some dark/grey-brown toned wood.

    We also scored some great deals on some new dishes and cookware for props in photos!

    More highlights from October

    We posted this condensed version of ourresource onto ouras a mini “” guide ↓

    William and I got married on October 10th! That’s us right after the wedding! ↓ We had a teeny tiny ceremony, it was a perfect fall day and the weather was lovely. 😀

    And we put together this collection of  ’15+ Amazing Vegan Apple Recipes for Fall’ for Mode Foodie (on Garden of Vegan)

    What’s Coming Up in November

    I’m so excited about everything we’ve planned for the next 2 months!

    Blog posts and recipes – We’ve got 2 Thanksgiving recipes planned for November: 1) Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Loaf with Cranberry Glaze (check it out below!) and a 2) Pumpkin Pie with and Oat Crisp Crust.

    We’re planning to do up an I Love Vegan Thanksgiving recipe compilation post with old recipes from the blog. We’re going to be revamping, tweaking, and retaking the pictures for a good portion of the recipes! Expect lots of veganized versions of your favourite traditional Thanksgiving recipes + the new loaf and pumpkin pie recipes. I can’t wait to get to work on the post, nothing beats Thanksgiving food :D.

    I’m going to finish up the meal prepping post as part 2 of my . I’ll be including lots of helpful tips for meal prepping 5 days worth of take on the go lunches and snacks!

    And we’ve got an awesome vegan 7-layer dip recipe planned for November also – perfect served with fresh cut veggies, tortilla chips, crackers, nachos, and whatever else you could possibly desire!

    Collecting themed vegan goodies for our Winter Giveaway – We loved doing our Fall themed giveaway so much that we’re going to do another one right away for the holiday season. We’re thinking Canadian maple syrup, coffee, tea and other delicious and warming stuff! Look out for sneak peaks of all of the treats as we pick them up on my Instagram.

    Holiday post planning – We’ve got lots of work to get ready for the holiday season this year. We’re planning some delicious Christmas baking recipes, DIY vegan gifts, and a holiday entertaining post. I’m planning to get November’s posts finished ASAP so I have plenty of time to work on our December content.

    That wraps up this month’s recap post. Let’s meet up again next month! :D:D

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